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Hugglets Bearfest and Teddy Bear Guide

Hugglets Bearfest and Guide: About Us


As many of you know the decision was made that due to Covid-19 the next Hugglets in February 2021 was to be cancelled. I was so sad not to be able to attend and meet up with everyone, collectors and fellow bear artists alike but everyones safety and health is the priority. However the fantastic news was that Sebastian and his lovely family made the decision to hold the very first ever Hugglets Online Festival on February 26-28- 2021 and I was very excited to announce that Pod Bears would be one of the exhibitors..

And true to form Sebastian and his lovely family went over and above with the show. Just look at the list of what was on below:

Hugglets Online Info

Can you imagine? It is a year ago that we all came together at Kensington Town Hall. Are you missing Teddy Festivals as much as we do? We found a way to bring Hugglets straight to your living room. The Hugglets Online Festival begins next Friday 26 February. And it will be a marvellous event. Much more than just another Online Teddy Show. That’s a promise.

60 exhibitors will be presenting fabulous teddy bears and friends, most of which are made exclusively for this occasion.

We’ll have lectures, masterclasses and live interviews, giving you the opportunity to ask your questions to experts from all over the world. 

Your ticket opens the door to a world of surprises and incentives. 50 patterns, discounts and raffles are waiting for you. 

It might be a good opportunity to join our Club. It's a great way to support Hugglets. And the access to our Online Festival is included - besides many other incentices. All details here:

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Bear Hugs

Sebastian, Family and Team.

Sebastian and his lovely family held another Hugglets online festival in September 2021which of course we were delighted to be a part of again and had a fantastic time. 

I can honestly say that me and the Pod Bears had an absolutely wonderful time at Hugglets online festival. I had the chance to meet up with old friends, exhibitors and collectors, meet lovely new people, lots of those that would not have been able to visit the show in person. That and lots of my Pod Bears found their new homes. It was a very busy weekend. What a fabulous way to spend it! 

In other news we are very excited to announce that the wonderful Hugglets festival is back on at Kensington Town Hall next February and we can all have a wonderful catch up then.

You can also find us in the Hugglets Teddy Bear Guide.

Hugglets History and Information

It was 1989, August 28 when the very first Hugglets Festival - back then named British Teddy Bear Festival - took place in London. It was the first fair of its kind devoted solely to teddy bears to have taken place in the UK. Over 80 stands where offering thousands of teddy bears old and new as well as all sorts of bear books, pictures, clothes, jewellery and a host of other products for teddy bears and their keepers. Even Michael Bond, author and creator of Paddington Bear, joined the event. Alfonzo was another special guest in Kensington Town Hall.

It is our greatest pleasure and honour to continue the legacy of Hugglets founders Irene and Glenn Jackman who made this fair a wonderful meeting point for bear fans worldwide in the UK. 2019 will be the year of our 30th AnniBEARsary. 

The next Hugglets festival will be held in February 2020.

Hugglets Bearfest and Guide: Welcome
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